Bhangra Blaze FAQs

Do I have to have any qualifications or be a dancer?

As this is a fitness workout a level 2 gym instructor is ideal (but not necessary) but all aspects of group instruction and techniques will be taught.

Can I still teach other dance or fitness classes?

Absolutely. It’s always good to give clients a variety.

How can I sign up for training?

Just follow this link

What should I bring to training?

2 pairs of exercise clothing. Water and towel. Pen and paper.

Can I cancel or postpone training?

Training can be cancelled with 30 days notice and postponed dependant on availability

Will I get ongoing support?

Yes.... Kirit has successfully build fitness classes not just with BB but with a variety of fitness classes including boxSASise, insanity etc. He will be at hand to give you advice and support. Also you will have your very own BB website and links to the BB facebook page.

Will my website have only my details on it?

Yes, the site will have details of your classes and any other information that you may wish to add such as videos or images relating to BB.

Do you take a cut of the fees I collect from my members?


What do I get from my monthly membership?

You will recieve your personal website to help promote your classes. Regular updates and corrospondence. Links to the BB facebook page and any other social media groups.