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Name : Jaimini Patel

Email :

Phone : 07864057931



As a BhangraBlaze instuctor i'm truly excited to bring you a fun bhangra fitness workout, that combines great bhangra moves to great music and great energy! 

These classes genuinely offer something for everyone and I'll help you to reach your fitness and well-being goals. I'll also be offering fantastic Bolly-Cric-Hit classes which combine the BhangraBlaze workout with softball cricket for women. 

Having always had a passion for fitness and dance, I've attended Bhangrablaze for over a year now, I started with the Garbablaze routine which i really enjoyed. In classes, i'm known as the "bouncy lady" or "spring", which I think shows the enthusiam and energy I gain from this workout. My aim is to share this with all of you :). If you would like more information please get in touch with me on 07864057931!

Latest news from Jaimini

Sessions will start Thursday 17th October at 7pm! First Class is FREE for new members.

Jaimini Patel is qualified for the following

BhangraBlaze - BhangraBlaze is the ultimate bhangra workout.
Bolly-Cric-Hit - This workout combines 45 minutes of BhangraBlaze fitness and 45 mins of women's softball cricket.

Class Timetable for Jaimini Patel

Time Class Information Address
7:00pm - 8:30pm Bolly-Cric-Hit £3.00 per session
In the theatre room.
Crown Hills Community College, Gwendolen Road, Evington, Leicester, LE5 5FT