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Name : Kirit Thakore

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Phone : 07727687773



Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years Kirit Thakore has a vast knowledge and experience of delivering sessions of all types. Martial arts, insanity, boxing, circuits, weights, and variations of HIIT too. His fun style of teaching and detailed attention to all members has had the effect of continuous growth in numbers over the years and also led to many members being with him for many years also.

Latest news from Kirit

Come along and join me for a workout thats not only fun but effective. Some great music with lots of fantastic friendly people :)

Kirit Thakore is qualified for the following

BhangraBlaze - BhangraBlaze is the ultimate bhangra workout.
AbsBlaze - A complete range of exercises to work and tone the whole abdominal area...
BandsBlaze - A full body workout using resistant bands. Blaze away the calories and tone your body
BhangraBeats - The ultimate drumstick workout to incredible Bhangra music
BhangraBlaze Kids - A fun Bhangra class for youngsters from 4 to 16.
BhangraReggae - Bhangra and Reggae have very similar beats and here we have an incredible workout fusing the two.
BhangraSanity - Unique routines mixing powerful Bhangra moves and Insanity type exercises
BhangraSanity 2 - The Party Workout - Fusing simple Bhangra moves with incredible party songs and non Bhangra exercises
Big B Workout - A workout to celebrate Amitabh Bachchan's 50 years in the Bollywood film industry
BollyBlaze - BollyBlaze is the ultimate Bolly workout fusing incredible Bolly music with calorie blazing routines
BoxerBlaze - BoxerBlaze is a cardio class using basic boxing techniques. Ideal for toning arms and working the stomach.
Diljit Dosanjh Workout - Workout to the incredible music of Diljit Dosanjh.... 2 massive routines to Paag Wala and 5 Taara...
ENERGISER 45ER - A 45 minute incredible non stop cardio and resistance to fantastic motivating music...
GarbaBlaze - GarbaBlaze fuses the amazing Garba moves from Gujarat in India. An super calorie burning workout
GarbaBlaze Chogada Tara Workout - An amazing calorie blazing Garba workout featuring hits from the massive Bolly film LoveYatri..
InsaneBlaze - An insane workout to make you dig deeper and blaze away the calories.
JhoomarBlaze - A full flowing Bhangra calorie blazer
KungFuBlaze - An incredible series of martial arts exercises to combat those calories in a fun and dynamic way
Leambadgini Workout - An incredible and fun workout finishing with a great routine to the incredible Leambadgini track
MegaTrim - A blend of full compound weights and intense abs creates a workout to blaze those calories right off
Military - A mixture of exercises from various armed forces around the world to make a soldier out of you...
Old Skool BhangraBlaze - Blaze away the calories to our old skool workout with incredible tracks that will take you back
Sexy Guns Workout - An incredible workout designed to tone and trim your arms...
UWBT - Ultimate weights for body transformation is an amazing weights routine designed to strip body fat and build lean toned muscle.

Class Timetable for Kirit Thakore

Time Class Information Address
5:00pm - 5:45pm BhangraBlaze Kids £4.00 per session Judgemeadow Community College, Marydene Drive, Evington, Leicester, LE5 6HP
6:00pm - 6:45pm £5.00 per session Judgemeadow Community College, Marydene Drive, Evington, Leicester, LE5 6HP
9:00am - 10:00am £5.00 per session
Please use side entrance to the left of the library
Hamilton Library (side entrance), Tesco Car Park, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1BL