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Name : Amarjit Gill

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Phone : 07572 408108



I am a BHANGRA BLAZE INSTRUCTOR FOR COVENTRY. i have always had a passion for dance from an early age..Teaching Bhangra, Bollywood and Giddha. Becoming a dancer and running my own dance group to perform across a number of platforms has been a truly inspirational journey.  I have seen individuals develop, grow and achieve their dreams and ambitions.. This has given me a great sense of fulfillment as a leader.

When I came across Bhangra Blaze I found it so ingenious as it is a fantastic fitness programme designed to target weight loss. Also the reviews have been amazing. Hearing how it has transformed lives, improved confidence is fantastic news. I was excited in becoming an instructor and sharing this postive experience.

The Bhangra Blaze classes combine powerful  but simple bhangra dance moves formulating the ultimate overall calorie buning body workout improving fitness, stamina and overall wellbeing as well as weight loss.

There is a positive vibe in these classes and the music is upbeat and infectious.  

Why not come along and try this class.  No experience is necessary. Just bring yourselves, lots of energy, and water with comfortable trainers and take that first step towards this motivational fun, magical journey. You won't regret it. The classes are great fun.


Latest news from Amarjit

Hi All

Come along to the fun Bhangra Blaze Beginners Classes every Tuesday evening (COVENTRY)  from 7:00 - 8:00 PM at Wyken Community Centre, Coventry.

£5 per class (pay as you go) or £40 for a block of 10 classes.

MODULE 2 (BHANGRA BLAZE - STARTED TUESDAY 20TH AUGUST). Sign up now for this exciting module (10 weeks at £40) and as well as burning calories and increasing stamina you will learn a fun upbeat routine. Why not come along and join in this fun/dance exercise.

Classes are non-transferable / non-refundable

If you wish to come along contact me on 07572 408108 



Amarjit Gill is qualified for the following

BhangraBlaze - BhangraBlaze is the ultimate bhangra workout.
Beginner's (Bhangra/Bollywood) - Beginner's class helping with developing dance technique, coordination and rhythm
Bhangra Blaze - Module 2 (Ik Vaari Routine) - This class uses simple bhangra moves to work towards a routine in the final weeks.

Class Timetable for Amarjit Gill

Time Class Information Address
7:00pm - 8:00pm £5.00 per session
Wyken Community Centre, Ennerdale Lane, Wyken, Coventry, CV2 5PY