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Name : Amy Sahota

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Phone : 07849280995


Amy Sahota is based from Birmingham, she has recently become a Bhangra blaze instructor and even though she comes from a business degree background she really has a passion and energy for Bhangra. She is a book loving, hands in the dirt kind of woman, who besides loving clothes and makeup of course...loves a challenge. Amy says that seeing the best of people is what makes her enjoy teaching BhangraBlaze so much...

Amy Sahota is qualified for the following

BhangraBlaze - BhangraBlaze is the ultimate bhangra workout.
Boxerblaze - A very energetic workout including cardio.

Class Timetable for Amy Sahota

Time Class Information Address
6:30pm - 7:30pm £5.00 per session Colebourne Primary School, Stechford Road, Hodge hill, Birmingham, B34 6BJ