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Name : Jogita Patel

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 07961750959



Having grown up surrounded by Garba it was one of the highlights of my life to finally be able to join such an amazing ‘Bhangra Blaze’ team as this. Due to my long association with Garba, and the fact that I am still high in motivation, if not neccessarily experience, I take immense pleasure in providing motivation to my team, always encouraging them to go the extra mile. My bhangra blaze workout class is a fun, energy-packed experience that provides lots of laughs but, most importantly, gets you fit and keeps you that way!!. It is perfect for everyone, beginners, experts and anyone in between. I love engaging with new people and nothing makes me happier than seeing the tremendous improvement in co-ordination and stamina they make whilst attending my Bhangra Blaze Class.

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Classes will commence on Thursday 26th July at 7pm at Ladybridge High School, New York, Junction Road, Bolton BL3 4NG 




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BhangraBlaze - BhangraBlaze is the ultimate bhangra workout.
Garba Blaze - Garba is traditional Guajarati folk dance from India celebrated during the 9 day Hindu festival of N

Time Class Information Address
7:00pm - 8:00pm £3.00 per session
Parking available on site
Ladybridge High School, New York, Junction Road, Bolton, Bolton, BL3 4NG