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By Kirit Thakore on August 6, 2019, 12:01 pm



The reason I became a fitness instructor was the feeling I got when MY instructor once asked me to take the class while he was off. Although the nerves were incredible and there was very little flow to my instruction the class went very well, well I thought so. The feeling after lasted for days and that night I didn’t sleep very much. I knew that moment that I wanted to be on that stage. It was to be MY stage to entertain people. The fitness side almost became secondary. But my love for fitness and my natural enthusiasm for wanting to help people made my classes the best fitness classes ever, in my opinion that is.

So, fast forward almost 30 years and owner of the largest Bhangra based fitness company in the UK, BhangraBlaze, I’d like to share some observations and thoughts I have had, highs and lows, happy and sad, as well as my observations on excuses etc.


Over the years I’ve seen many of my members get married, even better when they met at one of my classes. In fact, its amazing to see the romance blossom and how extra hard people train when they are trying to impress somebody. The fact that they both have something in common makes me think the old adage of “opposites attract” is probably not very true. Common interests is where it’s at.


Then there has been the SAS (my original fitness company Stretch and Stamina) and BhangraBlaze babies. So many members have had babies and many of those babies have grown up and gone on to coming to our kids classes too. In fact I had 3 generations in class once, a missed photo opportunity.

Exercising when pregnant

A nice thing is when I get asked by a member how to adapt their fitness regime when they are pregnant to which I normally reply that they should train for as long as possible as the fitness will keep them in good shape and help them recover and get back into shape after. Some mums to be will listen and have trained literally a week before they gave birth and others will stop after a few weeks into pregnancy because they feel they need to take it easy. Well, taking it easy normally means staying at home, eating for two and then eating more. Guess which mum gets back into shape the quickest? In fact, the ones that stop training tend to stay over weight for a long time after, how long can the excuse of baby weight last?


The first time I went to a funeral of one of my members was surreal. Having seen this wonderful person exercise regular and eat healthily made me wonder about the fragility of life. He was taken suddenly after being diagnosed but died a healthy fit person, if you understand what I mean. This is how I would like to go. With my body and mind in as good working order as possible. The visions of this individual training hard in class, always being jolly and helpful, always giving his best, left everyone around him with fond memories. Deaths have been a rare occurrence but I can imagine as we all get older there will be more and I intend to help as many keep in shape for as long as possible. But the sad fact is many people as they get older, instead of keeping going, they stop and that’s when it all starts to go downhill. The number of members who I see after they have stopped exercising who look, not just over weight, but unhealthy. I believe the outer body reflects the inner body and when I see their faces puffy and skin looking ragged I know they are on a downward path. The craziest of all is that they will tell me that they have not been able to maintain their fitness regime because of a dodgy knee, aching back or some other excuse but it’s funny how that doesn’t stop them going to parties or eating the bad stuff. I’ve spoken to a ex member one day who have told me that they have not been able to exercise because their knees playing up and then the next day I see a social media post with them at a party and that knee seems fine dancing and jumping away. People do kid themselves. When you exercise, the blood keeps flowing, the body continues to detoxify, the muscles and bones stay strong, the skin glows, your energy levels increase. When you stop exercising all of this stops. Why would you choose the to stop, because for many its an easier choice.


Although I think I have probably heard them all I’m not going to go through any of them because I truly believe if you really want to do something then you will find a way and if you are only half hearted then any reason will do.

In my earlier days I used to head to the park at 5am to workout. It did not matter what the weather, I was there doing my stuff. Somebody asked me how I did as they could never do that. I laughed and said “It’s not HOW I do it, it’s WHY I do it” If the WHY is strong enough then the how will follow.


It’s always nice to hear from members how I motivate them, how I have helped them become fitter, healthier, trimmer etc.

Some members come along and I see something in them that they don’t see themselves. I see the ability for these people to motivate others with their own ability and some go on to become instructors. I see members who are barely able to walk around the room who, after a while, start running. I see members who are in their 60’s, 70’s and more training back to back classes, when many who are younger feel they can’t do it. I see members join the class and stand timidly at the back, they have so little confidence but found enough to come and do a class. Fast forward and see them smiling, getting involved and in fact advising other new members who are shy to enjoy it. I see so many things and these are MY MOTIVATION.

Fulfill your dreams, help others get fit and healthy, motivate others to become more. Being a fitness instructor is, in my opinion, the best job in the world. Makes you so happy by making others happy. Becoming an instructor for BhangraBlaze (Bhangra based workouts) or Blazefit (non Bhangra based workouts) and let me and my experience help you be successful too.

Kirit Thakore

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