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What is Bolly Cric-Hit?

Bolly Cric-Hit is a fun filled 90 minute session developed by BhangraBlaze, the largest Bhangra based fitness organisation in the UK

Bhangra Blaze is an incredible Bhangra fitness workout based on a powerful dance routine originating from the Punjab region of India. It is not a dance class but an amazing energising fitness routine, which has seen the most fantastic results and response. Fitness workouts are also based round incredible Bolly music and Garba music.

A discussion with one of their BhangraBlaze instructors, Amna Rafiq, about a goal to get more women involved in cricket led to the birth of Bolly Cric-Hit. The problem was that not that many females were particularly interested in playing cricket but they do have a passion for Asian dance like Bhangra and Bolly. The solution is Bolly Cric-Hit

The sessions are split in to two halves consisting of the famous Bhangra Blaze Bolly fitness workout followed by softball cricket which involves introducing women to the game in a quick, fun manner.

During the cricket session the focus remains on fitness to ensure the women are having a great workout by finishing off with a very competitive game, hitting near enough every ball for six or four!

For many years BhangraBlaze has increased the confidence of women all over the world. In fact, some who were going through anxiety, depression etc, found a release by getting involved in the comfort of their own homes with our on line workouts. Slowly the courage developed to attend a class, getting them out of their normal environment. A true success story is that one even became a BhangraBlaze instructor and is now helping many women in the same situation overcome their fears.

Bolly Cric-Hit in action

A clip of our members punching hard... punching fast... punching accurate.... but smiling and blazing away those calories and toning up those arms...

Having done many successful mini tournaments, Bolly Cric-Hit and BhangraBlaze were featured on Sky Sports.

A clip of our members punching hard... punching fast... punching accurate.... but smiling and blazing away those calories and toning up those arms...

Many counties across the UK are already implementing Bolly Cric-Hit. Here is an article by Leicester County Cricket Club.
LCCC to host huge Bolly Cric-Hit event
Leicestershire CCC is holding a huge event to celebrate the success of Bolly Cric-Hit, a successful initiative that has engaged with a female audience from the South Asian community. The day will include dancing, cricket, fun, food and laughter around a great family atmosphere.

Lots of people have already enjoyed the benefits of Bolly Cric-Hit, a fun filled 90-minute session in collaboration with leading fitness organisation Bhangra Blaze.

Bolly Cric-Hit was designed on the back of a hugely successful summer for Women’s cricket in 2017.

Leicestershire CCC focused plans on taking cricket in to the heart of the community to engage with unique female participants who previously have not had access to cricket through the introduction of Bolly Cric-Hit.

In May 2018, the ECB launched a wide-ranging Action Plan to transform the way it engages with South Asian communities and draw more players, fans and volunteers into every level of the game. Leicester is one of ten Core Cities that have been identified by the ECB based on the South Asian population of the city.

Through Leicestershire CCC, over 250 women have engaged in Bolly Cric-Hit and as a result we are holding this big Bolly Cric-Hit women’s softball festival to celebrate the success!

Bolly Cric-Hit is the brainchild of Amna Rafiq. Here is a video showcasing Amna’s determined efforts

As a Bolly Cric-Hit instructor you will get

tick Support and help to make your Bolly Cric-Hit Journey happy and successful
tick Unique easy to teach routines that your members Will love and tell everyone about
tick Unique easy to teach routines that your members Will love and tell everyone about
tick Advice on how to encourage members to totally engage with wearing appropriate clothing and having specific equipment
tick Downloadable music content specific to Bolly Cric-Hit with amazing beats and motivational lyrics to really get your classes buzzing
tick Advice on how to grow and build your classes from other successful instructors
tick Your very own editable website promoting your Classes as well as other classes you may hold
tick Your unique class links and information on the Bolly Cric-Hit directory
tick A tested turnkey system to help develop and build your own fitness business
tick Video tutorials helping you improve your skills from the comfort of your home
tick An official Bolly Cric-Hit instructor certificate. All certificates will be stored on line and easily accessible
tick Free return to any course that you have completed as a refresher

Become a Bolly Cric-Hit Instructor

Come join our team, a group of dedicated instructors who share a passion for fitness, Bollywood, bhangra, cricket and wellbeing! We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals who can command a room full of people with their positive energy. Teaching experience and group fitness certification is not a necessity but recommended. We strive to maintain the quality and integrity of our program through our Bolly Cric-Hit instructors; therefore, Bolly Cric-Hit trainees should expect the days training to not only be intense and challenging but also extremely gratifying and fulfilling!


Please read the terms & conditions below and make payment. You will then be asked to complete a short registration form.

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