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BhangraSanity - the ultimate Bhangra workout


Almost every party erupts when the Bhangra tracks come on. In fact hardly any day goes by these days without a clip of Bhangra on our TV’s. It’s been on Britain’s Got Talent with due Signature coming runners up. In fact one our routines uses clips of music from their performance.


Insanity is a genius workout that took the world by storm. The intensity of the moves perfectly timed with limited breaks make this an incredible calorie burner, although not always fun to do, it is extremely effective.


Fuse the 2 together and you get BhangraSanity. The fun of Bhangra with mixed with traditional workout exercises, all timed to create an amazing HIIT workout that is not only extremely effective but also great fun.

30 - 60 seconds of a simple Bhangra move to upbeat Bhangra music followed by 30 - 60 seconds of a traditional exercise (knee raise, body twists, start jumps etc) to motivating gym pump music and repeat.

A number of unique routines from 4 minutes to 8. Start off with a few routines in the class building up to all of them.

Just watch the fitness levels of your members skyrocket. What they thought they couldn’t do in the 1st few weeks they will smash through after a few more weeks... all because of you.

Bhangra is a folk dance celebrating harvest time in the Punjab region of India. The ballistic moves using high arm moves and high knee raise type moves makes this a very efficient way to burn calories in a fun way.