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BoxerBlaze - the ultimate boxing workout

BoxerBlaze is the new name for BoxSASise. SAS (Stretch and Stamina) was the very successful fitness business owned by BhangraBlaze founder Kirit Thakore. SAS offered a number of routines of which one of the most highly attended being BoxSASise. This is not a boxing class but incredibly effective and popular due to the fact that very simple boxing moves incorporated with a number of strength and cardio exercises made it so much fun.

The hour session just flies by and without it even feeling like an exercise class. The routines are easy to follow and enjoyable. Something about putting on a pair of gloves that makes you feel powerful and this feeling is enhanced by the use of powerful and recognisable music. Am amazing workout which has tremendous effect on the arms and in a short time tones them up nicely. This routine has been added to the BhangraBlaze list as it is something that many of our members have requested.

Many of our BhangraBlaze instructors are now also licensed to deliver this program.


A clip of our members punching hard... punching fast... punching accurate.... but smiling and blazing away those calories and toning up those arms...


A few moments from our instructor training day... all got a bit violent towards the end!!!