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GarbaBlaze - the ultimate Garba fitness workout

garba fitness

Garba is traditional Guajarati folk dance from India celebrated during the 9 day Hindu festival of Navratri.

It is a joyful style of dance, based on a circular pattern and characterized by a sweeping action from side to side. Garba performances often include singing and a musical accompaniment traditionally provided by dhol (double-headed drum) and the similar but smaller dholak and plenty of hand clapping.

Due to the popularity of BhangraBlaze - the ultimate Bhangra workout, founder Kirit Thakore decided after many requests to do the same with Garba and to create a Garba fitness workout. He has created a workouts using popular and powerful Garba moves to create GarbaBlaze - the ultimate Garba fitness workout. The GarbaBlaze workout will include constant ballistic flowing movements at a pace that will really blaze the calories away. The music played will lift members to push them even further. It’s an energising routine that tones arms and legs.

This is a video showing clips of a recent GarbaBlaze instructor training program.


Clips from the very 1st ever GarbaBlaze instructor training course. 2 fabulous new routines and then incorporated in an incredible calorie blazing workout...


Take a group on highly motivated class members and watch them transform themselves into the orange white and green of the Indian flag... GarbaBlaze - the ultimate Garba workout...

This is a video showing clips of a recent GarbaBlaze instructor training program.

Dhol Baaje Morbani mix up

Colourful India brings colourful and vibrant energy to classic Garba tracks...


An amazing fusion of Garba, Bhangra and Dandiya (sticks)and DandiyaBlaze was born. Perfect for toning arms and developing hand leg co ordination...

The music start out slowly and then increase in tempo to push you faster and faster.

GarbaBlaze classes make even the most complicated of steps easy to learn explaining that with Garba the moves are repetitions of the same basic steps. The key is that the steps are rhythmic and repetitive, so once you watch and follow a combination of footwork and hand movements, you can join in quite easily.

Here are the top health 10 benefits of GarbaBlaze - the ultimate Garba fitness workout

  • Boosts coordination and rhythm - GarbaBlaze fitness workouts requires the members to fully immerse themselves with the musical beats they are moving to. From tapping your feet to quick rhythms to flowing, rich movements, GarbaBlaze workouts helps develop the body’s natural rhythm, and strengthens coordination skills and balance.
  • Exciting form of exercise - the GarbaBlaze fitness workout is an incredibly animated activity and provides the body with some great aerobic exercise. Dancing in itself engages the whole body and can work up a sweat, but the enjoyment one feels while dancing is unrivalled given how much the body engages in physical exercise.
  • Tones the body - The outgoing and expressive beats of Garba music can’t help but get your body moving quickly. Each motion helps tone key muscle groups such as the calves and the core, making the Garba fitness workout a fun way to get lean.
  • Lubricates the joints - The flowing movements involved in our GarbaBlaze workouts help loosen up the whole body by keeping joints well lubricated, which prevents arthritis. Members become more flexible and agile as various moves and dances are performed, helping the member feel more at ease within their own body.
  • Relieves stress - GarbaBlaze fitness workouts provide a happy and fun version of traditional Indian dance. Because of how fun it is and the exercise involved, GarbaBlaze workouts are great way to help you forget your worries, with dance routines refreshing the mind, keeping the body in motion and blowing cobwebs away as you sweat out your worries
  • Aerobic Exercise - a GarbaBlaze fitness workout is like many other aerobic exercises, requiring commitment, consistency and progression. GarbaBlaze can be an excellent substitute for your cardio needs in your workout and helps build stamina and endurance.
  • Oxygen supply - The GarbaBlaze fitness routines are a great form of aerobic exercise, as it involves lots of active and energetic movements. This helps boost the supply of oxygen through the body, ensuring your muscles get the most oxygen to keep you moving.
  • Full body workout - Being a high-intensity workout with fast and upbeat movements, GarbaBlaze fitness workouts helps shed extra weight fast. The full-body movements help in working both the upper and the lower body at the same time while toning the core muscles.
  • Fun - GarbaBlaze is a fantastic workout with a feel-good factor. It’s upbeat, energetic and gets a sweat happening pretty fast. Whether or not you go into a GarbaBlaze session with a group or friends or solo, it’s a great way to make new friends and socialize as you meet other members.
  • For everyone - a GarbaBlaze workout incorporates a style of dance, which will touch on everyone on a personal scale. The moves are gentle yet can be expressed in a very energetic way. You can step into each move or jump, you can make big sweeping movements or shorter movement comfortable to you. In fact, visit any Garba session and you will see teenagers jumping at an incredible pace dancing right next to a retired grand mother who is gently flowing with the beat. Something almost hypnotic about the rhythms that keep you going for ages. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer, never danced before, older, younger, or from other opposite ends of the world, you’re sure to find fun in a GarbaBlaze workout.

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